Handmade in Vermont

Using old world technique.

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100% Vermont Made

Handcrafted here in the Green Mountains.

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Order a custom bundle of our award winning artisan cheeses delivered in time for the holidays!

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Made Right Here

Find out more! All of our cheeses are made with rBGH & rBST-free, 100% Vermont Milk which provides a distinguishable quality and our unparalleled flavor.

Hand Crafted

Our mozzarella is hand stretched the old world way, in small batches, using house made curd. Using milk with a specific fat and protein level results in a rich, creamy flavor unparalleled in the mozzarella market. 

Hand making of Maplebrook Farms Mozzarella Cheese balls

Prize Winning Taste

From signature burrata, cheddar and feta, to mozzarella and ricotta, our family of handmade artisan cheeses keep bringing home awards, year after year!

Unparalleled Quality


We are busy making small batches of cheese and wrapping them by hand.

Award Winning

Our champion cheeses have been winning awards for over a decade.

Locally Sourced

We source 100% of our milk from local sustainably run family farms.